The Plough at Wysall.

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5.5 miles (8.8 km) 2 hrs 10 min walking time.

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A walk across farmland, with great views.

View of 'Nessie' in a Lings Lane Pond
'Nessie' in a Lings Lane Pond.

Go down Main Street, then straight into the unmade Lings Lane.

About 100m past the last white house, take the first footpath on the right, through the kissing gate and over the little bridge, turn L through several fields with a series of gates and stiles.

After the 3rd stile - a double one by an old bent willow tree - you come to 2 adjacent fields divided by a hedge in the middle. Concentrate on the left field. The footpath cuts across diagonally L to a small gap in the hedge, quite a long way down, at the opposite end. There is a yellow topped post and a stile there but hard to see from a distance in the vegetation and the trace in the ground often disappears in the crop and isn’t visible from this side. Best tip is to head up along the right side first, trying to spot this opening in the edge before crossing over. Or go round the perimeter to avoid spoiling the crop, but a bit longer.

Once there, go over the stile and bear R, keeping the overgrown shrubs to your R until you see the footbridge over Fairham Brook on the R.

View of footbridge over Fairham Brook
Over Fairham Brook.

From then on the route is well marked by yellow topped posts and arrows. Follow them through the fields as indicated. After the first 3 fields, go straight on through a young tree plantation called Jubilee Wood (as stated on a plaque fixed on a wood sculpted toadstool) and emerging onto Occupation Lane.

Cross over to the next stile and carry on through the next field and ditch board over a small brook.

Keep going in the same direction, following the markers, uphill across a large field at the top of which you end up in the hedge! Turn L alongside that hedge, as indicated, to the next post, then R into the next field, looking for a footbridge on the L with a second one very close by.

After this double footbridge, go through another large field, bearing R to the top end to meet a yellow post in a shaded grove of trees with a footbridge at the other end.

View of Wysall Church
Wysall Chuch.

Go uphill along the L edge of the next field and round to the L at the top (all signed).

Head for the line of tall poplar trees in the distance, where you’ll find a stile and passage running between the gardens and houses of Tuckwood Court then out onto the main road.

Turn right to the T junction, then right again to find The Plough on the R.

On leaving The Plough retrace your route back through the village and across the fields until you reach the footbridge back across the Fairham Brook.

Cross and go R to the stile by a large gate. Once over, you are in Keyworth Meadow Nature Reserve.

Continue through, bearing R first, then where it widens, follow a wide loop round to the L and up to the path at the top of the bank (by a bench) which leads you back to Lings Lane. Turn L and the lane takes you back to Main Street and The Square.

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