Bunny and Bradmore via Cherry Lane garden centre and café.

Short-cut back

5 miles (8km). 1 hr 45 min walking time (approx.)

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Some road walking, but also interesting field and village sections.

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Leave The Square along Bunny Lane, turning first L into Brookview Drive. Take a pathway on the R just beyond Roseland Close, which will lead you to a square of grass and trees with a metal gate to a field path heading towards Bunny.

Follow the path along the field edges, down the RH side of the sewage works, and continue until you reach Wysall Road at the far end (power station ahead on the horizon.)

Turn R, walk up to the road junction and then turn L along Keyworth Lane to Bunny.

At the T junction, cross the road and go L along Loughborough Road, towards Bunny. Cross Albert Road and walk on, looking for a footpath sign in the hedge on your R, beyond the houses and opposite Bunny Hall grounds. Follow the path diagonally R across the field, then R, and follow on straight ahead along the side of 2 fields.

At the end, go over the bridge/stile and follow the path diagonally L, crossing 3 more fields, heading in the same direction towards the LH end of the houses in Bradmore up ahead of you.

When you reach the gate to the bridleway (Moor Lane) in the far corner, turn R up to Main Street, where you go R again and along to the T junction at the other end.

Turn R into Farmer Street, and keep on in the same direction to the far end of the main cul-de-sac (ignoring the cul-de-sac on the L), to find a path hidden in the LH corner, between the houses, behind a large and obvious fir tree.

This path brings you to a field, where you go L round a garden and onto the drive that comes out onto Loughborough Road.

Cross over, with great care – it is V. busy – and proceed down Pendock Lane to the Cherry Lane Garden Centre and Café on the L.

On leaving the garden centre, turn L and walk along the grass verge (with care, this is also a busy road) up as far as the junction, then straight on to find your original footpath on the L, to take you back across the fields to Keyworth.

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