The Griffin at Plumtree

Short-cut back

About 4.5 miles (7.2 km), 1 hr 40 min walking.

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A short walk with good views and an interesting loop round the ‘back’ of Plumtree village.

Leave The Square along Nottingham Road, then at the bend by Sainsbury’s, cross the road and take the path up left of the Pear Tree (formerly 'The Fairway') pub.

View north from behind Crossdale School

Turn L at the top and walk up the road to Crossdale School.

At the school gate, take the passage on the left, through the high garden fences and the back of the school grounds. This leads to open fields (great views across towards Nottingham) where you follow the footpath to the right all the way down and along the field edges towards Plumtree.

At the bottom, head right towards the bridge under the railway line, then cross the field to Station Road at Plumtree. Turn L, cross the road at the speed sign to find a stile hidden between the hedge and the corner of the fence marking the Poplars mini estate. Over the stile make your way diagonally R across the field, heading for the line of large beech trees by a metal railing. Climb over the stile hidden under the trees and follow the path, keeping the fence on your right until it ends at the corner with another footpath (which you ignore as it leads across fields to Normanton).

Plumtree Church
Wisteria-clad cottage in Plumtree

From that corner, cross the field you are in, diagonally L to a gate/stile hidden in the corner leading onto the road at the back of Plumtree church. Go L (cutting through the churchyard to avoid the blind left hand bend with no pavement).

At the church entrance, either continue L on the road to The Griffin (straight ahead) or take another small loop by crossing the road to the small metal gate opposite. Follow the grassy footpath, arrows and series of small gates, in a straight line across small fields behind the houses. You end up at a farm keeping greyhounds, the footpath is clearly and safely marked all the way through, leading you to the front drive and out onto the road. Turn left and go straight on to reach the Griffin.

Contented cows

On leaving The Griffin, turn R to walk back towards Keyworth along Station Road. You may then –

1) Return by the way that you came – across the fields on the R and back to Crossdale Drive.

2) Or, continue along the road, under the railway bridge, then take the footpath at the top of the bank on the L (opposite the bus stop) to walk R round the field and over a stile hidden in the trees half way upon R. Follow the path all the way keeping the new housing estate on your R. You will end up at Platt Lane, by the football club. R turn takes you to Nicker Hill and back into Keyworth.

3) Or, a short way after the railway bridge, turn R, past the bus stop, up Park Road into Plumtree Park (3) on the map. Walk to the top to find a ‘cut through’ to Brockdale Gardens, then L back to Crossdale Drive.

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