Keyworth to Tollerton circular.

Short-cut back

Approx. 5 miles (8 km) and 9 stiles! Under 2 hrs walking time.

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Pleasant walk with small sections through village streets, across open fields with nice countryside views.

View Looking Towards Tollerton
Looking Towards Tollerton.

For the first section, to Plumtree, it is the same route as for Walk 1 to the Griffin. In short, leave The Square along Nottingham Road and walk down to Sainsbury’s. Across the road take the path up by the Pear Tree, then L all the way up to Crossdale School.

Then take the passage on the L of the school gates and follow the footpath down the hill, along the field edges, heading towards Plumtree, passing under the railway bridge and across the field to Station Road. (2 stiles in that section)

Head left and cross the road by the central refuge to meet a stile (hidden in the hedge) just by the corner of the fence to The Poplars estate. Go over the stile and cross the next 3 fields more or less in a straight line (or through the couple of stiles hidden under the large line of beech trees on R) until you come out at the other end at the back of Plumtree church and the junction with Old Melton Road on the R. (4 stiles in that section)

View of White Houses on Cotgrave Road
White Houses on Cotgrave Road.

Turn R down Old Melton Rd cul-de-sac, then cross the busy A606 by the bollards and walk a short way into Normanton to find a footpath on the L after the first couple of houses.

At the end, turn right along the road, but walk on the L pavement which will take you down to Clipston Lane. There, turn R, and shortly after, find the footbridge and stream on the L, go over and follow the path along the left side across 2 fields (1 stile) until you reach Cotgrave Road through an iron gate. Head right to the footpath across the road.

Follow the trace in the field diagonally R. This leads to a yellow marker post and a gap in the hedge at the far end. At this crossing point, you meet another footpath going L, heading south towards Plumtree, beyond a footbridge and then in a straight line down to the A606.

Ignore this and instead go through the gap and immediately left alongside the hedge until you reach a footbridge. Go over the stream and turn L (Right would take you to Tollerton village) and follow round the field edge and to a half broken stile. Then continue to follow round to the L, along the line of trees. When you reach the opposite side of the field where turf is grown, turn R along the hedge until you meet a small gap on L with a well-hidden stile. Cross into the next field and follow the footpath diagonally to reach the A606, Melton Road.

The stiles can be difficult to spot. The best clue is to keep heading for Plumtree Church tower.

View of Footbridge at Tollerton
Footbridge at Tollerton.

Cross Melton Road and over the stile opposite, then go through 2 fields. Re-join the footpath running through the back of Plumtree, going along the green metal fence behind the derelict farm machinery! Follow it L to get back to Plumtree church. Turn right to reach Station Road.

If you don’t mind walking on pavements, one option back to Keyworth Square is to follow Station Road up to Park Road. Take this all the way up, which will lead you to Brockdale Gardens then Brockwood Crescent and into Crossdale Drive and finally to Nottingham Road.

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