Over the course of more than 15 years, Ken Jackson, the Manager from 1993-2007, maintained a photographic record of the reserve as it developed and of some of the people involved in its management, research and enjoyment.

Some of these images have been re-photographed with a digital camera and appear below. This cheap and cheerful digitisation process has resulted in some loss of quality.

If you have any photos of the reserve (and/or the Lings Lane area) that you think would enhance these pages, please let me know.

There are more photos and memorabilia in Scrapbook Volume Two

Keyworth Show 2000
L to R: Wally Butler, Ken Jackson and Gordon Clarke at the Keyworth Show about 2000.
Entrance on Lings Lane 1995
"Haymaking" November 1991. Chair Cllr Linda Abbey 2nd from right.
"Haymaking" November 1991. Attempts were made annually to rake up and burn off the grass to improve the reserve for wildflowers.
Entrance gate and stile 1993.
May 1994.
October 1994.
Fairham Brook 1995. Wally Butler on right.
Willowbrook School visit; 1995.
Willowbrook School classmates; 1995.
Replanting work on old hedge. Ken Jackson; 1996/97.
Presentation of framed meadow photographs to the Centenary Lounge 1996. L-R Cllr Linda Abbey, Manager Ken Jackson and Peter Meade.
Burning the summer hay; 1997.

Dr Chris Terrel-Nield of Nottingham-Trent Uni, kick sampling and identifying freshwater invertebrates from the brook; 1997.
Keyworth Junior School Visit; 1999.
Keyworth Junior School Visit; 1999.
Planting Hawthorn Hedge 1999/2000; Linda Abbey and Wally Butler.