The Rancliffe Arms at Bunny

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7 miles (11.2 km) 2 hrs 30 min walking time.

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Open fields, quiet country lanes and ancient woodland.

View of Bluebells
Bluebells in Old Wood.

Leave The Square along Bunny Lane and turn L down Brookview Drive to find a path on the R just beyond Roseland Close.

This leads to a gate onto a footpath heading across the fields towards Bunny.

Follow this path alongside several fields (and down the RH side of the sewage works) until you reach Wysall Road at the far end (power station on the horizon.)

Turn L and keep walking along until you reach a lane on the R, which will take you to Bunny.

When you get to the main Loughborough Road turn R to reach the Rancliffe Arms, along on the R.

When you leave the Rancliffe Arms retrace your footsteps back to the lane (on L now) and proceed a short distance along it to find a footpath on the R, just past the gypsum mine gates.

Walk towards Bunny Woods along the concrete drive as far as the next metal gates, then up the path through the trees on the L of the entrance to the mine.

At the path junction at the top, turn L along a good track through the trees leading along the lower edge of the woods, and back to Wysall Road at the far end.

Turn L, and walk back along the road to your original field path on the R, to return to Keyworth.

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