Keyworth to Widmerpool Circular

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6+ miles (10 km) 2 hr 30 min / 3 hrs walking time.

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Fields, woods and views. Some short sections on road.

View near Widmerpool
View near Widmerpool.

Go along Main Street to the top of Lings Lane, climb the stile on the L & head diagonally R across the first couple of fields, then L across the next one, over a stile hidden in the middle of the hedge. From there, bear R on the well-marked path through the field to reach Wolds Lane. Turn L uphill. Towards the top, find a yellow topped post by a small wooden gate on the R. Follow the grassy track running along the field edge all the way to North Lodge farm.

When you reach the entrance to the farm, do not go in. Turn R as indicated by the yellow topped post you can see on the corner of the farm building, by the tall heap of manure. Follow this round the back of the buildings, alongside the fenced perimeter of the farm complex. The route is marked but if you fail to see the markers, continue in the same overall direction, heading south, following the wide farm track ahead of you and ignoring those leading to the open fields on the R.

Continue in the same direction across fields, down to a stream & up the other side to a stile where the footpath narrows down along the L side of a big field. When you arrive at the metal gate, turn R down the drive and keep right to meet the yellow topped post ahead of you by the bridge over the brook. ***

Follow this round the houses, bearing R into Church Lane (which is a cul-de-sac), then left at the Y fork (by Quorn House) to reach Wysall Lane.

At this point you have a choice.

1 Turn L and walk up the road (leading to Keyworth).

2 Cross the road to do a short loop round the back of the houses opposite you. Up a few yards on Willoughby Road, then L and L again at the white cottage, down Main Street. This leads back onto the main Keyworth to Wysall road. Head for Keyworth.

*** For a different version, you can do a small detour to have a look at the church. Instead of going straight on to the bridge over the brook, bear left and go up the drive on the L to the church you can see in the background. Then back down and left (thus still ignoring the bridge) to follow this road to the end (admiring the lovely properties and gardens en route!). You arrive at the crossroads with the Keyworth/ Wysall road and Station Road (to Kinoulton).

Whichever way you go, you should reach the crossroads with Station Road. From there, leave Widmerpool village, heading for Keyworth. A short way up the road, you’ll find a marker post in the hedge on the R by a ditch board. Go over and immediately L. Follow round the woods and finally across a large field, past a pylon (it’s all well signed), then R at the bottom to a footbridge. There, the route turns L and up the R side of another field to a ditch board and a couple of wooden steps leading to an enclosed passage between houses and gardens, with high fences on both sides and a gate (with padlock) at the end. This is Charleswold Court. Out of the gate, go L onto the open tarmacked drive (and cul-de-sac), then bear L on the road, out of this private mini estate. After the bend (and a 6 bar metal gate on the L) you see a wide opening in the hedge adjacent to a field with a couple of pylons in the middle. There should be a marker post there inviting you to cross that field more or less in a straight line (by the pylons)to a stile at the far end. The farmer usually leaves a trace through the field, but this is more visible from the other end.

You come out onto small tree plantations and paddocks divided by rustic fences. Go over several stiles in a straight line until you reach the cinder manège at the other end. The footpath there splits in 2 well signed directions. L leads to Widmerpool Lane and Selby Lane. R takes you to the junction of Thurlby Lane and Stanton Lane.

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