Open Day Walk 2018

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Leaders Neil Pinder and Mike Reid

Meet at the Burial Ground Car Park on Wysall Lane at 09.30 on
Sunday 3rd June for a guided walk to see all things natural about the two Meadows.
Finish at about 12:30

Keyworth Meadow is a small field on the outskirts of the large village of Keyworth in south Nottinghamshire, central England. On its western margin flows Fairham Brook, to the south is arable land, to the north is a small pasture and to the east is Lings Lane, an unmade track, via which the meadow is accessed.

It has been owned and managed by Keyworth Parish Council since 1985. It is managed as a nature reserve and as an open access piece of countryside where visitors can play, picnic and ponder.

This website provides information on the Meadow's history, natural history and current interest. There are links to useful sites on allied local interest and past editions of the Meadow Diary.

The News Page is updated from time to time with sightings and photographs from the meadow and its vicinity. Occasional news is also reported on wildlife interest around the village. If you see some wildlife that you think others would be interested in, or if you need some help with an identification, please let me know and I may use it here. 07981 928402 or email - see below.

If you have photos of the reserve from the past or stories of the meadow (or indeed the Lings Lane area in general) which you think could enhance the site, please forward them to me.

Risk Assessment The reserve is a safe place to visit but there are some hazards that it is best to be aware of especially if you are visiting for the first time or leading a group of youngsters. Please take a look at our Risk Assessment